TeleTech Changes Its Name to TTec

TeleTech Holdings, a customer experience company that designs, builds and operates omnichannel customer experiences, has changed its name to TTEC, reflecting its evolution into an end-to-end strategic business partner.

"While we remain proud of the industry we pioneered and helped to build, we chose to part with our old name because it limited the perception and understanding of our full capabilities, potential, and value," explained TTEC Chairman and CEO Ken Tuchman in a statement.

"Our clients are relying on us for transformative services that engage and strengthen their customer relationships day in and day out. Companies are seeking omnichannel customer experience solutions to acquire and retain customers that increase revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. After eight years of innovation and investment to build a holistic technology-enabled, data-rich customer engagement services platform, TTEC is uniquely positioned to respond to growing market demand," he continued.

While the Company will still operate its four business segments, Customer Strategy Services (CSS), Customer Technology Services (CTS), Customer Growth Services (CGS), and Customer Management Services (CMS), TTEC is streamlining its go-to-market strategy to make it easier for clients to understand how its capabilities integrate together.

T{p>To that end, the company is adding two additional units: TTEC Digital is the company's digital center of excellence, blending strategic consulting services and cloud-based technology platforms to design and build innovative customer experiences, all powered by insights. TTEC Engage is the company's global hub of operational excellence, providing clients turnkey customer acquisition, care, revenue growth, and digital trust and safety services.

"Business leaders across the globe are facing massive technological disruption in the race to modernize their approach to customer experience. Brands are seeking holistic solutions, and they are investing in the strategic guidance, technology expertise, and operational excellence they need to succeed," said Kyle Priest, TTEC's chief strategy and marketing officer, in a statement. "Through TTEC Digital, we are helping clients design and build a seamless customer experience platform. Through TTEC Engage, we are providing the people and processes, critical thinking, and compassion needed to solve complex challenges and create opportunities at scale. With TTEC Digital plus TTEC Engage, we are delivering captivating experiences as brand ambassadors to our clients' customers. We are providing the optimized digital services that yield bottom-line savings, top-line growth, and improved customer retention, protection, and affinity."