TechSee Brings Computer Vision AI and Augmented Reality Service Automation to Amazon Connect

TechSee, a provider of visual service automation, has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to integrate its artificial intelligence and augmented reality platform with the Amazon Connect cloud contact center platform.

TechSee's visual automation platform uses AI and augmented reality to enhance customer and contact center engagements. As a visual platform, TechSee converts phone calls into live augmented reality sessions by bringing computer vision AI to chat and automated workflows.

"With the increase in customer-centric service needs, AWS has been an innovator in the contact center space, prioritizing interactive voice response and AI to create a unique customer experience," said Geoff Wahl, executive vice president and business development chief at TechSee, in a statement. "Simply put, text and voice aren't enough for today's highly demanding consumer. Visual engagement continues to drive better business outcomes, virtualizing face-to-face interactions. Our computer vision AI will empower AWS digital channels to see into the physical world, identify products, and even offer automated technical support solutions via AR guidance."