TeamSupport Unveils Customer Distress Index, a provider of B2B help desk software solutions, has released Customer Distress Index (CDI), which enables customer support teams to proactively monitor customer satisfaction and take steps to resolve issues before it's too late.

With TeamSupport's new CDI, each customer is assigned a number---the higher the number, the greater potential for a customer to be distressed. An algorithm based on five variables or "weights" calculates each customer's unique CDI number.

The ticket characteristics considered in the calculation of TeamSupport's new CDI feature include: 

   •  Total tickets created during the lifetime of the customer's account, measuring the total volume of interactions that a customer has had with a support team. A high number here could indicate a customer who has needed a lot of help and handholding as compared to other customers. 
   •  Tickets created in the last 30 days, measuring how active a customer has been recently. This may be an early indicator of problems with a particular customer. 
   •  Tickets currently open, measuring backlog. A high number here could indicate a customer who is frustrated with a lack of follow up and response from a support team. 
   •  Average time open, measuring how "stale" tickets are by looking at the amount of time they have been open and not addressed. There is a direct correlation between how long a ticket has been open and the frustration level of customers. 
   • Average time to close, measuring whether it has taken longer, on average, to address a customer's tickets. This could indicate frustration because of the lack of timeliness in resolving issues.

The CDI Trend Indicator also lets help desk teams know if things are going in the right direction. The Indicator pulls the average CDI of the past 7 days for that customer and displays an arrow indicating the direction the CDI is moving. A red arrow pointing up indicates that the CDI is trending higher (not a good thing), and conversely a green arrow pointing down shows that the CDI is moving in the right direction.

CDI data is accessible in the customer section and can also be monitored through TeamSupport's best-in-class reporting section. Customer support teams can also build reports based on both CDI and CDI trends.