TeamSupport Adds VideoView Video Recording Feature to SupportView Suite, a provider of B2B customer service software solutions, has released VideoView, a video recording feature that helps support teams and customers communicate about support issues by using full motion video and audio to describe the issue. Rather than writing a long, involved narrative that describes the problem, customers can record videos using their webcams and insert them into support tickets. Agents can use the same function to reply with videos that show customers how to solve their issues.

"Webcam recording has taken our hardware support team to the next level," said Will Murphy, director of software support and development at A.C.T. Lighting, a TeamSupport customer, in a statement. "It gives us a tool to quickly record the steps needed to diagnose and repair any hardware troubles customers experience while on tour with our products. In addition, our team is able to quickly show a customer what buttons to push and where specific cables should be plugged in so they can use products correctly."

The SupportView suite also includes ImageView, a function that allows customers and agents to embed screenshots in their tickets, and ScreenView, which enables customers and agents to exchange recordings of on-screen activities, complete with narrated audio, within their tickets.