Talkdesk Launches Talkdesk Education Smart Service

Talkdesk has launched Talkdesk Education Smart Service, an industry-specific contact center product for colleges and universities to ensure students, staff, donors, and other stakeholders receive consistent, personalized, and inclusive customer service in all interactions.

Talkdesk Education Smart Service marks Talkdesk's 10th vertical-specific packaged solution.

Talkdesk Education Smart Service equips departments with the tools, including artificial intelligence, while also integrating with CRMs, academic schedulers, and other systems of record.

Key feature capabilities of Talkdesk Education Smart Service include the following:

  • Talkdesk Workforce Management, which uses AI and automation to predict contact center volume and schedule staff during peak admission and enrollment periods. Seasonal agents can be ramped-up by support from a personalized AI advisor in the form of Talkdesk Agent Assist.
  • Talkdesk Agent Assist, which surfaces key information and generates real-time responses and scripted guidance pulled from trusted data across the institution's knowledge base and entire set of business systems.
  • Talkdesk Virtual Agent, which gives students a self-service option for retrieving information about campus amenities and other frequently discussed topics, as well as autonomously resolving transactional tasks like healthcare appointments and IT requests. Talkdesk Automated Notifications provides families with proactive, transparent updates about academic programs and campus life.
  • Outbound contact center capabilities, including predictive dialing and integrations with advanced CRMs.
  • Access to human resources information and self-service for IT requests with integrations to service desk systems and facility/department directories.
  • Talkdesk AI Trainer, a complete suite of tools that enables contact center administrators and staff to keep an eye on AI behavior and establish protective guardrails with a no-code interface.

"Higher education institutions are operating in a complex environment of declining enrollment numbers and other factors. As universities and colleges adapt, a modern cloud contact center solution that maximizes AI for scale and meets colleges' and universities' unique customer service requirements will be critical to their success. With Talkdesk Education Smart Service, seamless CX can quickly become a reality as well as a real contributor to increasing donations, student satisfaction, and establishment reputation, plus tightening operational spend," said Tiago Paiva, founder and CEO of Talkdesk, in a statement.