Talkdesk Introduces Navigator and Mood Insights

Talkdesk, a provider of customer experience (CX) technology, today at Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas launched the generative artificial intelligence-powered Talkdesk Navigator and mood insights.

Harnessing genAI, Talkdesk is enabling hyper-personalized customer experiences that dynamically adjust content, offers, and recommendations based on each customer's unique profile, history, usage patterns, location, demographics, and even current emotional state.

Talkdesk Navigator helps users create new customer journeys or improve existing ones with intuitive, conversational, and context-aware interaction orchestration. It provides genAI-powered routing and is the first point of contact when customers engage with customer support or sales. It autonomously manages and prioritizes incoming inquiries based on real-time context. Using natural conversation, Talkdesk Navigator can understand customer requests and then automatically deliver the ideal experience. Customers simply tell Talkdesk Navigator what they need or want to accomplish, in their own words.

Mood insights, a feature of Talkdesk Interaction Analytics, evaluates customers' emotional states throughout interactions. It reviews customer conversations for topics and sentiment trends. With genAI, it detects emerging topics and provides emotional analysis at the beginning and end of the interaction and the reason those emotions might have changed. It captures feelings like gratitude, annoyance, and relief.

"Generative AI has opened up new possibilities for CX and is rewriting the rules of customer engagement. Traditional personalization is no longer enough. Customers expect interactions tailored to their unique preferences and emotions. With Talkdesk Navigator and mood insights, we're empowering organizations to deliver hyper-personalized experiences with AI that drives deeper connections that foster lasting customer loyalty," Tiago Paiva, CEO and founder of Talkdesk, said in a statement.