TTEC Launches Digital Contact Center Intelligence Powered by AWS

TTEC Holdings, a customer experience technology and services provider, has launched TTEC Digital Contact Center Intelligence powered by Amazon Web Services to help customers add artificial intelligence to their contact center infrastructure without technology replacements or major infrastructure upgrades.

TTEC Digital's Contact Center Intelligence integrates AWS's AI technology, like natural language understanding (NLU), transcription, sentiment analysis, and more, into contact centers. End customers can drive self-service resolution through channels like voice with intelligent interactive voice response. Agents realize productivity gains through automation of tasks like notetaking. Supervisors have visibility to real-time insights from customer interactions, including sentiment analysis. Even contact center managers see detailed trends through post-call analytics.

"TTEC Digital has a long, successful history of investing and integrating AI technology from AWS into our customer solutions," said Christian Wagner, global AWS vice president at TTEC Digital, in a statement. "Contact Center Intelligence helps bring world-class technology from Amazon and makes it available to all organizations, regardless of where they are at in their contact center journey."