TRUSTID Launches Identifier

TRUSTID, a provider of pre-answer caller authentication services for financial institutions, has expanded its portfolio of software-as-a-service offerings with the launch of TRUSTID Identifier, a caller authentication and identification solution for customer call centers. Identifier will drive TRUSTID's expansion into additional markets where knowledge-based identity interrogation is still used, including health care, government, utilities, entertainment, and membership services.

TRUSTID's flagship service, TRUSTID Authenticator, protects financial accounts through technology that uses callers' own phones as ownership-based authentication tokens to route known callers into trusted call flows and flag calls that require fraud threat assessments. This takes place before the calls are answered and allows call center agents to bypass identity interrogation.

Identifier draws on the same patented telephone network forensic technology that powers Authenticator to provide caller identification by leveraging the results of the end-to-end inspection of more than a billion calls across the global phone network. It can be deployed before or during calls to identify those that should enter trusted call flows and can be paired with other authentication technologies, such as voice biometrics, to create a multifactor authentication solution. Identifier operates automatically, with no customer involvement, and supports all phone types and providers, including non-U.S. carriers.

"Identifier is a highly flexible caller identification and authentication solution for call centers that must identify callers to reduce the use of hacked knowledge for caller identification," said Patrick Cox, CEO of TRUSTID, in a statement. "Because it can process calls pre- and post-answer, it is ideal for the enterprise with complex caller flows where identification services may be needed at different points during a call."