TELUS Launches Digital Solutions Arm and a Chatbot

TELUS International, a provider of customer experience (CX) and digital solutions, today launched TELUS International Digital Solutions following its purchase of the remaining 35 percent stake in Xavient Digital. TELUS' initial 65 percent investment was made in February 2018.

Now fully integrated and aligned under the TELUS International Digital Solutions brand, the new business unit encompasses digital solutions engineers, developers and technologists, and iLabs. TELUS International has also gained incremental managed hybrid IT solutions and cloud assets to complement its suite of CX offerings that include omnichannel, TELUS Cloud Contact Center (TC3), TELUS International Work Anywhere, analytics solutions, and multilingual customer support in more than 50 languages.

"Digital transformation continues to be a core component of our company's value proposition that enables us to co-innovate with our clients to create frictionless customer experiences that meet today's more complex customer demands," said Jeff Puritt, president and CEO of TELUS International, in a statement. "Where we truly differentiate ourselves in the market is in our understanding that people and culture must remain at the heart of digital enablement, and that by putting the value of human connection first, we help brands deliver beyond technology to create authentic connections with their customers that foster loyalty, which in turn drive business growth and market share gains."

Today also marks the official launch of the TELUS International Assistant, the latest in TELUS' informational, personalized, and transactional bots portfolio. It offers sentiment-based routing, built-in language translation, and proactive and context-aware responses.