TELUS International Partners with Local Measure

TELUS International, a digital customer experience (CX) innovator, has partnered with Local Measure, a customer service technology provider, to help companies design, build, and deliver more intuitive, personalized, secure and scalable customer experiences on Amazon Connect.

Through the partnership, Local Measure's Engage platform has been integrated with TELUS' Fuel iX suite.

Local Measure's Engage platform leverages Amazon Web Services, Amazon Bedrock, and generative artificial intelligence and integrates with Amazon Connect. It combines voice and digital communication channels and offers advanced features like automatic message drafting, automatic form filling, next-best-action recommendations, chatbots, skills-based routing, and real-time translation. Engage supports voice, and asynchronous messaging via email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, and direct messaging on Instagram. It also generates insights and actionable business intelligence, safeguarding customer data throughout the process.

TELUS International's Fuel iX provides end-to-end customer experience solutions powered by generative artificial intelligence. Its suite of services and capabilities include digital consulting, data analytics, self-service applications, and AI-enabled platform integration.

"It has become increasingly critical for digital customer experience providers to engage the right technology partners in order to not only meet, but stay ahead of evolving consumer behaviors and cater to the new ways clients want to do business. This includes embracing consumers' widespread shift to working and socializing on digital messaging platforms, and offering clients options such as flexible and transparent pay-per-use pricing models to optimize budgets and off-the-shelf integrations that address their desire to reduce complexity," said Monty Hamilton, senior vice president of TELUS International, in a statement. "TELUS International's thoughtful and holistic approach to welcoming unique and progressive companies like Local Measure into our partner ecosystem and channel strategy serve to propel our growth in emerging and fast-growing segments of the CX market while broadening our genAI offering. These partnerships also serve to amplify our existing vendor-agnostic stance, which we believe empowers our clients to optimize their existing technology investments and make better-informed decisions, ultimately leading to better outcomes and long-term success."

"We're excited to partner with TELUS International to help our joint customers reimagine the future of customer experience, a future that is intuitive, frictionless, and proactive. We've been impressed by the capabilities at TELUS International to deliver powerful CX outcomes. Leveraging our strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services and the breadth and reach of TELUS International, we see an exciting future for this partnership," Jonathan Barouch, CEO and founder of Local Measure, said in a statement.