SupportLogic Launches Predictive Alerts

SupportLogic today launched Predictive Alerts, which continuously monitor support conversations and proactively notify individuals and teams about customer escalation risk, as part of its December release.

SupportLogic Predictive Alerts extract clean customer intent signals and deliver clear recommendations for action. Predictive Alerts are powered by natural language processing (NLP) and are content- and context --aware to infer customer sentiment from both structured and unstructured data. The alert engine is highly configurable and enables collaboration across teams outside of the ticketing systems.

Enhancements in the December release include the following:

  • Predictive triggers, providing visibility of cases likely to be escalated and service-level agreements likely to be missed;
  • Real-time VOC triggers for customer sentiment scores, product feedback, identification of churn risk, and customers needing attention;
  • Collaboration with system-wide and personal alerts using preferred messaging tools outside the ticking system;
  • Account dashboards with insights on key customers; and
  • Event APIs to drive workflow actions.

"As companies begin to evolve from reactively measuring voice of the customer using traditional surveys toward proactively managing it with real-time signals, SupportLogic Predictive Alerts deliver a critical part of the solution," said Krishna Ray Raja, SupportLogic's funder and CEO, in a statement. "SupportLogic arms customer-facing teams with a new intelligence layer that turns customer signals into recommendations and empowers the right people to act and deliver more value for customers."

"SupportLogic Predictive Alerts provide a customer sentiment pulse that we can act on in real-time to reduce escalations," said Giri Iyer, senior vice president of global customer support and success at Rubrik, in a statement "Our support managers use alerts daily to prioritize accounts that need intervention and save significant research time, while improving visibility of customer health status across our teams."

"When a customer is in distress it is essential to respond quickly and decisively to mitigate issues before they become more consequential," said Tom Sweeny, CEO of ServiceXRG, in a statement. "But support teams are often consumed by new ticket volume and can't always respond when needed most. SupportLogic's Predictive Alerts provide the insights and context necessary to triage, prioritize and quickly respond to the most critical customer issues—an essential ingredient for delivering best in class customer experiences."