SuccessKPI Launches AI Scoring and AI Traffic Forecasting

SuccessKPI, an artificial intelligence analytics and automation company, has unveiled AI Scoring based on generative AI large language models and AI-based traffic forecasting.

With AI Scoring, 100 percent of customer calls are scored. AI predicts the outcome of each question customers ask and provides guided coaching and training for agents. It also helps identify regulatory and compliance gaps that might arise during conversations and provides agent coaching after the fact or in the moment.

The AI Traffic Forecasting capability predicts customer interaction volume and staffing needed, factoring in the contact center operator's desired service levels, shrinkage, occupancy target, and staffing characteristics. Schedules are then generated from staffing forecasts that account for experience, availability, and working hour preferences of individual agents.

"SuccessKPI has built an ambitious and achievable roadmap for our AI portfolio that will expand as the underlying technology advances in exciting new directions," said David Rennyson, CEO of SuccessKPI, in a statement. "Whether the goal is to raise agent performance, improve the customer experience, or streamline CX costs, we will design and deploy AI responsibly so operators, agents, and their customers all benefit while keeping consumer data safe and secure."