SuccessKPI Integrates with Zoom Contact Center

SuccessKPI, a contact center customer experience insight and action platform provider, has released a Unified Data & Reporting solution for Zoom Contact Center, providing integrated reporting, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence capabilities.

The integration between Zoom Contact Center, Zoom Meetings, and Zoom Phone allows contact center operators to gain access to a comprehensive view of their Zoom implementations. This flexible reporting solution includes more than 20 prebuilt reports and dashboards.

The no code SuccessKPI-Zoom integration allows data to flow immediately after account activation through a SuccessKPI data pipe connector. Prebuilt reports launch on activation and cover areas like call abandonment, agent performance, and customer journeys.

On top of the CCaaS layer, SuccessKPI offers a secure management layer providing a single source of truth, the ability to customize views and metrics, and the ability to blend third-party data with Zoom Contact Center, Phone, and Meetings data.

The integrations between SuccessKPI and Zoom provide the following:

  • Unified Data Layer: SuccessKPI seamlessly integrates with Zoom's omnichannel contact center solution, allowing businesses to blend data across all customer channels.
  • Actionable Insights: The SuccessKPI insight and action platform provides a 360-degree view of customer interactions across channels. With instant access to visualizations, reports, and real-time playbooks, businesses can drive better outcomes and enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Security: SuccessKPI adheres to rigorous control (through data partitions and roles based access) and security (through adherence to rigorous industry standards), helping ensure the privacy and security of sensitive information for contact centers worldwide.

"SuccessKPI's Unified Data & Reporting solution delivers the flexibility and views that our enterprise customers need to manage CX and to identify areas of performance strength as well as areas needing improvement," said Dave Rennyson, CEO of SuccessKPI, in a statement. "Achieving an excellent and differentiated CX requires clear, comprehensible insights of contact center performance and the ability to take action in real time."

"Zoom is among the most popular and versatile CCaaS and UCaaS platforms, and together we can help reveal powerful and useful insights for supervisors, executives, and customer service agents," said Kentis Gopalla, head of phone and contact center product ecosystem at Zoom, in a statement.