Sprinkler Adds AI and Automation to Modern Care

Sprinklr, providers of a unified customer experience management platform, today introduced the next generation of Sprinklr Modern Care, adding artificial intelligence and automation to help companies unify case management and agent engagement in a single contact center solution.

New features in Sprinklr Modern Care include conversational AI and bots<, contact center automation and intelligence, live chat video calling, and an enhanced

With Sprinklr's conversational AI and bots, companies can analyze customer messages in real time to understand intent, context, and sentiment and then use AI chatbots to provide automated, human-sounding responses that reflect the conversation. Companies can customize and deploy bots in most languages across channels.>

Contact center automation helps turn routine customer queries into guided step-by-step instructions that agents can follow based on real-time analysis of conversation and intent. With contact center intelligence, companies get immediate insights on agent quality scores, products, processes, and performance.

With live chat video calling, companies can respond to customers 82 percent faster with AI-powered live chat. Companies can collect valuable data to inform better agent-led resolutions, predict customer issues, and proactively reach out with personalized one-on-one support. Customers can see products in a store, show product issues, talk through purchase questions, and more.

Self-Service Community, an online community portal, lets customers help themselves to the information they need while supporting other customers in the process.

"Companies in every industry around the world are struggling with costly, outdated customer care technology that leaves agents ineffective and customers disappointed. With customer expectations increasing, it's time for companies to embrace a unified, digital care strategy," said Pavitar Singh, chief technology officer of Sprinklr, in a statement. "With our latest Sprinklr Modern Care innovations, we're further accelerating time to value for companies who want to unify their customer care into the digital age."