Speakeasy Enhances Integrations Between IVRs and Digital Bots

Speakeasy AI has enhanced functionality to seamlessly integrate enterprise IVR platforms with digital bots. This latest release works with the entire Speakeasy AI suite while improving cross channel journeys as customers switch from IVR to chat and/or IVR to bot.

The new functionality from Speakeasy AI passes customer intent, while seamlessly shifting the conversation to the new channel for routing. Businesses can use Speakeasy AI's proxy server to manage conversations via scripts, enhance IVR functionalit,y and add new use cases in minutes.

Any enterprise IVR that supports MRCP v.2 can be fully integrated with any AI or digital bot system.

"By exposing IVR control to a scripting environment that is separate from the IVR platform, we continue to deliver on our mission to give power to the enterprise and its AI investments (bots, NLP engines, etc.) to control the call," said Speakeasy's chief technology officer, Moshe Villaizan, in a statement.

"Our latest enhancement delivers a tool by which the promise of natural language IVR can finally be realized," said Speakeasy CEO Frank Schneider in a statement. "Seamless customer experience as customers switch channels to and from voice is only possible with this type of agile integration solution that enables previously siloed systems to finally play nice together for the sake of the enterprise and most importantly, its customers."