SpatialBuzz Unveils Crowd-Sourced CEM Analytics Tool for Telcos

Cloud-based customer experience analytics and service monitoring specialist SpatialBuzz has launched HDAnalytics+, an enhancement of its cloud-based customer experience management platform that helps operators improve their networks and increase customer satisfaction.

HDAnalytics+ takes the use of crowd-sourced customer experience analysis to the next level---crowd-shaped decision making. It provides targeted insights into the customer experience of subscribers, which shape the decisions and actions taken by the operator to improve the customer's service experience. Customer experience is monitored and analyzed by the SpatialBuzz system 24 hours a day. The HDAnalytics+ Web-based client is used by service controllers to view and investigate areas of poor customer experience using sophisticated mapping and charting capabilities. It shapes the actions placed on operations and engineering teams in order to improve subscribers' service experience.

HDAnalytics+ enables operators to identify and analyze areas of low customer satisfaction on the network in near real-time. As well as having the ability to spot current and emerging network satisfaction issues, HDAnalytics+ also enables the operator to identify recurring or longer-term issues, which may not always be apparent from the instantaneous state of the network but nevertheless lead to significant customer dissatisfaction.

"Crowd-shaped decision-making is the next step in helping operators to use crowd-sourced experience data to quickly derive real business benefits, by targeting areas on the network that require attention in order to improve the customer's service experience," said Andrew Blake, CTO, SpatialBuzz, in a statement. "With HDAnalytics+ we are bringing the power of crowd-shaping to telecoms as we look to help operators shape and reshape their offerings as customer usage evolves and changes."