SmartAction Introduces Intelligent Voice Automation for SMBs

SmartAction has launched Intelligent Voice Automation for Small-Medium Business (IVA for SMB), a voice and natural language self-service solution. The initial rollout of IVA for SMB will be available for payments and appointment confirmations.

Payments for SMB will assist callers in paying invoices and/or outstanding balances 24/7/365. It will be configured to accept credit cards or checks over the phone without needing a live person. The service, like SmartAction's Payment Solution for Enterprise, is PCI-certified and cloud-based.

Appointment Confirmations for SMB will feature outbound calls to customers, using natural language to remind them about an upcoming appointment or reservation. Appointment Confirmations for SMB are configured to tighten up reservation and appointment schedules for doctor's offices, restaurants, hotels, shipping and logistics companies, and service providers.

Subsequent capabilities of IVA for SMB will include surveys, outbound collections, address update, shipping status, and more.

"In my experience, a natural language solution like this is generally very costly and difficult to implement. IVA for SMB is the easiest and cheapest way to obtain an excellent natural language voice self-service platform," said SmartAction CEO Tom Lewis in a statement. "Our goal with the SMB version is to enhance the customer experience for many more companies, no matter their call volume."