Slalom Joins the Alida Partner Network

Slalom, a consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation, will join the Alida Partner Network.

Slalom supports its clients in improving the customer experience through CX strategy, technology, implementation, and transformation. With Alida's CXM & Insights Platform, companies can glean tailored industry and role-specific insights and engagement strategies to close the feedback loop. Alida and Slalom will work together to deliver enterprise CXM integrations and support companies in enhancing customer experience through listening, interpreting, and acting on customer feedback.

"Slalom is excited to be joining Alida';s partner network. The possibilities for collaboration are boundless. Both Alida's and Slalom's clients will benefit from this enhanced relationship that will enable deeper, more meaningful CXM insights across organizations. We look forward to showcasing the best of what our partnership can bring," said Rob Woodhouse, senior principal at Slalom, in a statement.

"We are thrilled to welcome Slalom as a trusted and experienced partner," said Ross Wainwright, CEO of Alida, in a statement. "Slalom's team of advisors and strategists are reputed for successfully helping clients realize their vision and build strong customer-centric organizations. We look forward to partnering together to support brands in establishing meaningful relationships with their customers."

"We are excited to welcome Slalom to our partner network. Their deep CX integration skills will be invaluable to customers looking to harvest the power of CXM across the entire enterprise," said Gary Smith, senior vice president of channel and partner alliances at Alida, in a statement.