Sitel Partners with Genesys

Sitel Group, providers of customer experience (CX) products and solutions, is partnering with Genesys, a cloud customer experience solutions provider, to help companies build and deploy omnichannel contact center solutions in the cloud and harness the power of digital and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

"This is a landmark partnership for the customer experience industry and one that will empower brands to deliver seamless CX and develop deeper relationships with customers," said Olivier Camino, global chief operating officer and co-founder of Sitel Group, in a statement. "Working alongside Genesys helps brands offer fluid, effortless interactions that are faster, smarte,r and more personalized, all via an easy-to-use proven cloud product."

"Growth in digital engagement, employee experience expectations and work-from-anywhere models are transforming contact centers globally," said M.L. Maco, executive vice president of global sales and field operations at Genesys, in a statement. "The continuous deployment of new features and functionality on Genesys gives Sitel Group ongoing access to the latest innovations to remain competitive and deliver experiences where customers are remembered, heard, and understood."