SightCall Partners with Zendesk

SightCall, a provider of video assistance technology, has integrated with customer support software provider Zendesk. The combination of the two solutions will allow contact center agents to see customers' problems and guide them to an instant resolution.

The SightCall for Zendesk application allows agents to escalate any email, phone call, chat session or social communication into a video assistance session using Zendesk Support with one click using the SightCall widget for Zendesk without changing windows. The integration also provides access to SightCall's AR Guidance features, including live annotations, remote zoom, or remote flashlight, and an automatic saving of pictures and call logs to the Zendesk ticket.

"We've made our mission to help companies support their customers better by transforming support centers from complaints departments to solutions departments. The partnership with Zendesk was a natural move to provide an unmatched experience and make it easy for any support representative to escalate customer interactions into live video assistance sessions on the spot," said SightCall CEO Thomas Cottereau in a statement.