Sharpen Technologies Launches .CX Programming Language

Sharpen Technologies, providers of a cloud-native contact center platform for customer support and outbound sales, has launched .CX, a programming language that empowers companies to customize customer service. Working within the Sharpen platform, .CX enables companies to build custom contact center solutions for voice, text, and data.

A cloud-based solution, .CX allows companies to write and modify their own apps within Sharpen's environment without provisioning or managing servers for any application or back end. The programming language ensures that Sharpen's platform remains secure while giving companies better access to the data they need to provide customers with truly proactive support.

"Too often, cloud contact center vendors claim to offer APIs and options for customization but implement these solutions in ways that tie users back to an on-premises methodology," said Cameron Weeks, CEO of Sharpen Technologies, in a statement. ".CX is the first true object-oriented programming language focused on customer service. It lives completely in the cloud on the Sharpen platform, giving our clients total freedom to customize their customer service tools with maximum availability, security, and freedom from relying on local resources."