Sendible Marketing Platform Upgrade Includes Social CRM

Sendible, a London-based social media management software provider, has rolled out Sendible 360, an all-in-one social media marketing platform. Sendible 360, the latest upgrade to the platform, enables organizations to engage with customers across multiple social media channels from a single dashboard.

Sendible 360 allows users to simplify social media interactions with a view to engaging with customers, generating and developing sales leads and gaining valuable marketing insights on world leading social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. It enables users to post, monitor, perform sentiment analysis, enables auto-following and auto-responding, and provides in-depth, detailed analytics on an extensive range of social media platforms.

The solution also features a host of new benefits, including social CRM, a unique feature that enables users to identify and understand prospects via social media channels. Sendible 360 is the only tool fully integrated with PeerIndex, an API that gives users more detailed analytics on profiles in terms of location, influencers, content shared, interests and followers, in order to segment and target prospects on these important variables.

The Sendible platform also incorporates blogs, photo, video and file sharing sites including Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Wordpress among other media. Sendible 360 also handles brand and keyword monitoring as well as tracking online campaign activity, including email marketing, content sharing and SMS.

In addition, Sendible 360’s new features and functionality enable their clients to listen, engage and ultimately profit from social media interaction. The platform’s extensive reporting capabilities ensure that users can generate detailed, customized reports across a variety of channels, based on various criteria, including levels of engagement, message volume, referring sites, clicks, key word monitoring, links sent out, specific campaigns and Google Analytics.

“One of the challenges that businesses face is reaching the right customers in the right way and managing social media can be daunting for any business, given the number of channels, users and amount of content generated. From online reputation management and customer service, to engagement and lead generation, however, the benefits of successful social media marketing plans are immeasurable,” said Gavin Hammar, CEO and founder, Sendible, in a statement.