SecureBuy Releases Disruptive Payment Fraud Solution for Call Centers

SecureBuy, payment fraud prevention technology solutions provider, has released SecureBuy 2.0 for call centers.

SecureBuy's cloud-based call center solution can eradicate conventional payment fraud, friendly fraud, and internal fraud. The new call center solution grants the option to remove full card data from the call center completely, and provides interchange and liability advantages. It can be integrated within existing infrastructure or as a standalone application.

"We received tremendous input and support for our call center solution; we're confident that we have cracked the code for one of the most difficult environments in dire need of security and protection from payment related data breaches and payment fraud,” said Greg Wooten, CEO of SecureBuy, in a statement. “Engineering a PCI-compliant solution to remove full card data from the call centers, and at the same time provide the most effective internal & external payment fraud solution in the industry was our largest challenge to date.”