Salesforce Launches Desk 360 yesterday launched Desk 360, with new tools, insights, and user consoles to enable customer support agents at small and midsized businesses to work smarter and faster.

Desk 360 includes three key capabilities: Customer and Company Views, Customer and Company Insights, and Opportunity Insights.

Customer and Company Views and Customer and Company Insights "are all about providing support agents with richer context around support interactions so they can deliver personalized experiences every time," said Katy Dormer, who leads’s marketing organization, in a blog post.

Using Customer and Company Views, agents will be able to see when customers calling in with a specific issue have experienced similar problems in the past. Having this information will allow the agent to move beyond simply closing the case to personalizing the customer experience by addressing the ongoing issue, according to Dormer.

Support agents can set their own parameters and sort, filter, and view a complete history of a particular customer or his entire company.

"And with Customer and Company Insights, the agent can dig even deeper to deliver a personalized experience from end to end," Dormer said.

With Opportunity Insights, SMBs will have the power of sales and service combined, providing agents not only with a complete 360-degree view of customers but also product and sales suggestions tailored to each customer. That will make it it easy for agents "to identify, open and even close sales opportunities," Dormer said.

Desk 360 will be generally available in the second half of this year. Customer and Company Views and Insights will be available at no additional charge for all editions of Opportunity Insights will be available at no additional charge to business plus edition of launched  in 2012 as a help desk solution for SMBs. It has since added mobile capabilities, video, e-commerce, email marketing, telephony, text messaging support, analytics, reporting, and customizable dashboards and opened the platform with APIs to integrate with other applications, including the Salesforce IQ platform.

Last summer, introduced Business Plus, with plenty of new tools to enable SMBs to scale their service solutions as they grow their businesses.