SAP Serves Up Big Data-Enabled Applications to Tap Customer Engagement Intelligence

As part of its strategy to help organizations enhance their customer experience and take advantage of social networks, SAP has released five applications related to customer engagement intelligence and one application for fraud management, powered by the SAP HANA platform for Big Data.   The applications incorporate directly into an organization's daily operations by giving employees the information they need and integrating into business processes. 

The suite of customer engagement intelligence applications offers comprehensive coverage of how companies manage targeted marketing and sales initiatives as well as the customer relationship. The SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence solution includes four applications that each handle a different level of personalized customer interaction in the sales, marketing and customer service process. The applications leverage the real-time text analysis and predicative capabilities of the SAP HANA platform and offer access to Big Data insights. They include:

  • SAP Customer Value Intelligence analytic application gives sales and marketing managers real-time strategic customer insight into the true value of their customers, personalized recommendations for cross- and up-selling and closed loop execution.
  • SAP Audience Discovery and Targeting analytic application allows marketing managers to engage customers and help convert prospects by running advanced segmentations on large target populations and distilling insights into focused and personalized marketing campaigns.
  • SAP Social Contact Intelligence analytic application allows marketers to leverage real-time sentiment and contact insights from social media and various internal and external data sources to help fine-tune marketing campaigns and nurture leads and develop new opportunities.
  • SAP Account Intelligence mobile app offers mobile sales teams real-time customer insights and personalized selling recommendations that allow them to create target lists, increase the effectiveness of their sales visits and seize sales opportunities from anywhere.
  •  SAP Fraud Management analytic application brings together multiple data sources in real time, scanning for indicators. The application provides investigation, simulation and analytical capabilities, which help to minimize false positives and quickly adapt fraud detection strategies to new patterns.


"Big Data-enabled applications from SAP cut through the complexity of customers having to cobble together disparate Big Data technologies, and then implementing applications that integrate into existing core operations," said Irfan Khan, senior vice president and general manager, Big Data, SAP, in a statement. "Organizations can monetize the value of Big Data far more expediently by infusing insights directly into an organization's people and processes."