SAP Rolls Out Multichannel Foundation for Utilities

SAP has released SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities, a solution that uses a multichannel, self-service approach to enable utility companies to provide real-time, unified customer engagement through customer-preferred channels. 

The solution includes a new Web self-service portal for to make it easier to incorporate other Web portals’ mobile apps, mobile SMS, social platforms, IVR and email. SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities and the recently released SAP Utilities Customer Engagement mobile app enables utilities to deploy self-service apps in an affordable and scalable way. Now, multiple departments — from sales and marketing to customer service — can use multi-channel and multi-touch interactions to address customer needs.

SAP Utilities Customer Engagement has improved functionality to map areas suffering from power outages, explain what is causing the outage, show its impact and provide estimated restoration time. Additionally, the mobile app now allows utilities’ customers to self-register, start and stop service, update account information, inquire about usage, pay bills, set up autopay, read meters, report outages and view outage information.