Report: 76 Percent of Customer Expect They Will Provide Real-time Feedback on Experiences

According to a new report from eDigitalResearch, 76 percent of the 2,000 consumers it surveyed said that they have noticed an increase in companies offering them the chance to feedback on their customer experiences compared to 12 months ago as businesses increasingly put the customer experience at the heart of their thinking.

Just over half (51 percent) of those surveyed have already given feedback on their experiences to various companies and brands after seeing an ‘in the moment’ feedback survey. Eighty-two percent did so to share a positive experience, followed by 11 percent who wanted to complain and another 7 percent who decided to share an idea.

The results highlight that voice of the customer feedback is becoming all the more important for both brands and consumers. More and more businesses are encouraging customers to share their views and opinions in the moment to help improve the overall customer experience, while more consumers increasingly expect to provide feedback on interactions with brands to improve their experiences in the future.

Almost one in five (18 percent) of consumers who have provided feedback have been contacted by a company as a result of completing a survey. However, further analysis shows that a much higher percentage (49 percent) of those who made a complaint were contacted after providing feedback – three quarters (75 percent) of whom said the extra effort turned around their negative perception of the brand - demonstrating that properly managing individual customer experiences does lead to customer retention.

“Listening to the voice of the customer is incredibly important – brands cannot expect to improve in today’s increasingly competitive market if they do not take on board what their customers are saying,” said Derek Eccleston, commercial director at eDigitalResearch, in a statement. “These results demonstrate that it is important to not only gather voice of the customer feedback and offer customers a platform to share their views and ideas, but also actively listen to what they have to say and strategically implement changes to put brands ahead of the rest of the competition.

"However, for big brands and businesses, it can be difficult to physically monitor every piece of feedback. Instead, at eDigitalResearch we recommend a layered approach to voice of the customer monitoring---from using intelligent alert systems to manage individual scenarios---to deep dive analysis to get a better picture of how your brand can improve as a whole”.