Replicant Expands Conversational AI Platform Capabilities

Replicant, a conversational artificial intelligence platform provider, has expanded its technology to offer contact center leaders hands-on management of all conversations between customers and Replicant's Thinking Machine.

The end-to-end dashboard gives contact center leaders access to fully transcribed support conversations to analyze and surface insights from conversation data and take action immediately with point and click conversation-script editing.

With Replicant, customers can engage across channels with natural, human-like conversations that are contextual. It lets contact centers scale up or down to meet demand, integrates with existing contact center technologies, and can be up and running in weeks.

Common customer issues handled by the Replicant Thinking Machine include scheduling appointments, changing reservations, starting or stopping services, billing questions, requesting refunds, and more.

The expanded platform functionality now includes the following features:

  • Conversation Monitoring, to listen to, review, and search all fully-transcribed conversations;
  • Analytics to uncover real-time insights into every conversation, understand why customers are contacting support. and act on unsupported conversation flows; and
  • Conversation Builder to edit and update scripts based on insights from conversational analytics.

"Contact centers all over the world are struggling because of workforce management issues. They can't hire, train, or retain enough agents. We founded Replicant on the belief that machines are ready to have useful, complex conversations that can transform customer service," said Gadi Shamia, Replicant's CEO and co-founder, in a statement. "The new capabilities are the next building block in this mission, serving to not only deliver always-on, elastic call center capacity but also to provide instant, rich data directly from customers so that conversational AI is no longer a black box. This visibility and actionability, all within one dashboard, is what's needed to power the next generation of smart, enjoyable customer service."

"Not only has Replicant allowed us to scale our call center operations, but it's given us insights into caller behavior at a much deeper level than we could have expected, which ultimately helped us improve the customer experience," said Mike Bowman, director of customer support operations at ECSI, in a statement.