Red Box Recorders Launches Assure: Daily System Check

Red Box Recorders, a provider of call and data recording for financial compliance, has releasedf Assure: Daily System Check, a software for fully automated verification of audio recording.

Assure: Daily System Check has been designed to ensure full compliance with call recording regulations, enabling companies to verify that their communication infrastructure is functioning correctly and recording critical communications. It conducts scheduled checks on all communications devices, including trader turrets, soft turrets, unified communications, and traditional telephony, with in-depth reporting for compliance verification. Assure: Daily System Check also links seamlessly with the Quantify Insight dashboard to provide a detailed inspection of recording system health, live progress, and individual device status. Companies can also use it to verify that exempt users are not being recorded and to replay recordings from any checked device for additional verification.

Assure: Daily System Check allows system checks to be scheduled outside of trading hours to minimize business disruption, and users can choose the target devices and the frequency and duration of these checks.

"Assure: Daily System Check is a game-changer for call-recording compliance. For the first time trading floors will be assured of 100 percent verification of their communications systems; no one else offers this automated solution to verify recording," said John Cunningham, chief technology officer at Red Box Recorders, in a statement. "When you also consider the cost-saving benefit it's clear that any organization with compliance requirements needs to have this technology."