Radish Systems Introduces ChoiceView for Amazon Connect

Radish Systems, a mobile/enterprise software and professional services company, today launched ChoiceView for Amazon Connect.

ChoiceView can transform ordinary phone calls into voice with visual calls while maintaining compatibility with existing phones, dialing plans, business phone systems, and contact centers. Radish has been working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build ChoiceView functionality directly into Amazon Connect, a self-service, cloud-based contact center service. With ChoiceView for Amazon Connect, multimedia capability can be added to standard phone calls by simply including a ChoiceView resource block in an Amazon Connect contact flow.

ChoiceView adds a visual dimension to calls with virtual agents — such as bots and interactive voice response systems — as well as live agents. It allows callers to see, hear, interact with, and save visuals, including menus, graphics, interactive forms, documents, clipboard copies, screenshots and video snippets, while talking/chatting on their smartphones or other devices.

Radish Systems received a grant from AWS to develop ChoiceView as an AWS Lambda function accessible in Amazon Connect contact flows. With ChoiceView, the voice-only Amazon Connect service becomes a multimedia platform that allows callers wita smartphones or virtually any phone and browser combination to interact with visual live agents and visually enhanced virtual agents. Callers don't have to install a mobile app, preregister, or set up a profile in advance.