Radish Joins inContact inCloud Ecosystem Partner Program

Radish Systems has joined inContact's inCloud ecosystem and will work with inContact to enable businesses to improve their customer communications by adding visuals to voice and chat calls.

The centerpiece of this partnership is Radish's ChoiceView, which transforms standard contact centers into visual live assistance centers and interactive voice response (IVR) systems into true visual IVRs. Radish ChoiceView products are promoted through inContact's inCloud Ecosystem Marketplace.

"We encourage contact centers to explore the offerings available from our inCloud Ecosystem partners, such as next-generation visual capabilities from Radish, and implement them into their existing or new systems," said Rajeev Shrivastava, chief strategy officer at inContact, in a statement. "Visuals with voice, integrated into an Omnichannel platform, add a highly competitive capability for improving communications with business customers."

"Adding visuals to voice information accelerates customers' understanding, especially when calling about complex issues," said Theresa Szczurek, Radish's CEO,in a statement. "This partnership increases ChoiceView's outreach to businesses that seek to improve customer experience through cloud-based contact center solutions."