Qualtrics Launches Quality Management

Qualtrics today launched Qualtrics Quality Management (Qualtrics QM), an artificial intelligence-powered and human-assisted quality assurance solution that gives contact center leaders insights on customer needs, agent effectiveness, and overall performance.

"Contact center teams must transform their quality assurance and agent coaching programs in order to increase customer satisfaction and agent effectiveness while reducing operational costs and compliance risk," said Fabrice Martin, chief product officer for Qualtrics Customer Care, in a statement. "No other solution brings together every customer interaction, whether it is handled by an agent or a bot, into a single platform with automatic intelligent scoring, coaching insight, and integrated workflows needed to provide real-time quality management at scale."

Qualtrics QM is powered by Qualtrics' Intelligent Scoring feature, which uses AI to identify key customer service success attributes, such as problem resolution, friendliness, or compliance, and scores interactions in real time. Through an integration with Qualtrics XM Discover, contact center teams can analyze every interaction, from unstructured feedback, like chat and calls, to structured survey feedback.

As each interaction is scored, customer service teams can connect workflows to automatically escalate, alert, and notify relevant teams of violations or negative interactions while capturing and reporting back on remediation efforts. Quality management and service teams can also access dashboards to identify and flag compliance risks.

Qualtrics QM also automatically curates coaching recommendations and exemplary calls for agents and managers to review and comment on score results. Agents can filter and browse interactions that are scored against key attributes, identify self-coaching points, and flag evaluations they don't think are fair.