Qualtrics Debuts Multichannel Voice of the Customer Platform

Qualtrics has launched a voice of the customer solution, Qualtrics Vocalize. The platform collects what customers are thinking, and communicate feedback to the appropriate internal stakeholders, who can take immediate action.

The platform allows customers to:

Collect: With multichannel data collection capabilities, Qualtrics Vocalize pulls in data from multiple sources including social media, mobile devices, email, Web, phone and text. This enables the seamless analysis of relevant VoC trends based on role, department, location, and urgency.

Analyze: Equipped with flexible, configurable dashboards, Qualtrics Vocalize allows organizations to zoom into individual customer feedback, zoom out to see the bigger picture, and course correct using the fast data gathered via Qualtrics.

Act: Qualtrics Vocalize incorporates dynamic case management features, which include the ability to assign actions throughout the organization based on feedback given. When a customer is dissatisfied, Qualtrics Vocalize automatically sends a follow-up action to the most appropriate internal stakeholder to close the loop with the customer.

“We live in an era of immediacy and organizations feel the pressure to address customer concerns, needs, and wants quickly,” said Steve Brain, head of engineering, Qualtrics, in a statement. “Unfortunately, in the current VoC landscape, organizations must call the vendor to make even minor program changes. This is no longer acceptable in today’s fast-paced markets.

“That is why we’ve developed Qualtrics Vocalize to put the power back in the hands of the business. Vocalize is a simple to use, yet powerful, automated customer experience solution that allows business leaders to quickly capture the voice if its customers, immediately analyze the data, and act to close the loop—all without expensive vendor support costs.”