Pypestream Launches Customer Engagement Center on AWS

Pypestream today launched Customer Engagement Center (CEC), built on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Powered by advanced conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the CEC is a cloud-based solution to help customers to interact directly with companies on any device, at any time.

The CEC automates all customer interactions and escalates to services like Amazon Connect, the omnichannel cloud contact center from AWS.

"We are seeing a major shift away from the traditional call center, and our AI technologies help to deflect over 80 percent of customers away from unnecessary service calls," said Richard Smullen, CEO and founder of Pypestream, in a statement. "Today's millennial and Gen Z consumers avoid businesses they have to call because they find them time-consuming, outdated, and irrelevant. They expect a fully automated, seamless, and in-brand experience personalized to their needs. Uber and Netflix set the tone for this, and now every brand needs to deliver immersive and automated customer service."

Pypestream's CEC delivers 12 components that handle the entire customer engagement process, including analytics, security, and seamless handoffs to agents in contact centers.

In the few months since its initial launch, the CEC has reduced significant call center volume and already saved companies like Sling TV, Gillette, Royal Caribbean, and TriWest, more than $35 million.

"By implementing Pypestream, we have been able to support our customers at any time of the day. Pypestream has helped us improve the customer experience for all types of engagements with our customers, from service to retention," said Seth Van Sickel, vice president of operations at Sling, in a statement.

"Pypestream turned us into an always-on brand," said Juan Silva, associate vice president of product digital sales at Royal Caribbean, in a statement. "No matter the contact volume of the time of day, we're available to provide service via messaging. The transformative approach has changed the game for our business and travel partners."

"We serve over a million phone calls a month. The ability to automate that is a pretty remarkable concept," said David McIntyre, president and CEO of TriWest, in a statement.