Pypestream Integrates with Conviva

Pypestream, a provider of cloud messaging and conversational artificial intelligence, has integrated with global streaming media intelligence provider Conviva.

The joint offering helps streaming and over-the-top programming providers to send proactive customer experiences within digital conversational experiences through notifications, eliminating the need for customers to reactively call or email call centers.

"Our integration with Conviva allows us to deliver true AI-driven customer experiences that help business bottom lines while exceeding customer expectations," said Richard Smullen, CEO of Pypestream, in a statement. "Customer service today is built on reactivity, but for the first time ever, Pypestream enables OTT service providers to proactively handle user concerns or service issues. Proactive initiatives are the future of user experience, and, now, OTT brands can take another step toward fully automating all steps of their customer support workflows."

With Pypestream's proactive, OTT customer experience integration, Conviva triggers Pypestream to send notifications to customers experiencing viewability issues, eliminating call center outreach and reactive customer service initiatives.

"By partnering with Pypestream to offer fully automated proactive outreach, we're allowing brands to update their user experience journey with touchpoints customers actually want and need," said Sean Wilkinson, head of corporate development at Conviva, in a statement. "Now, instead of disjointed communication via email or interactions with call center representatives, users will receive a message right away when an issue arises, saving them time and alleviating frustration."

Sling TV uses the feature to provide customers with smart self-service solutions and always-on conversational brand experiences.

"At Sling TV, we are hyper-focused on the customer experience, and the Pypestream-Conviva integration allows us to serve our customers in innovative ways," said Seth Van Sickel, vice president of operations and customer eperience at Sling TV, in a statement. "We've seen an increase in user satisfaction now that our customers are able to access smarter self-service tools for Sling."