PureShare Debuts Contact Center Metrics Solution for Executives

PureShare has released CCM2, a metrics management solution for Avaya-equipped contact centers that offers personalized, mobile-enabled views of performance to business stakeholders.

CCM2 delivers business value metrics to executives and customer stakeholders by merging operational metrics from Avaya ACDs and data from business systems and applications. PureShare CCM2 automatically merges business context such as organizational hierarchies, revenue, compliance and productivity data with call center metrics.

The result is a real-time window into how the contact center is performing in business terms, and in rollups executives can understand. With personalized, mobile-enabled views of performance, business stakeholders can make decisions using a metrics dashboard to optimize outcomes in real-time.

“This release brings the ability to integrate business dimensions with operational metrics through a powerful metrics catalog,” said PureShare’s CEO, Christopher Dean in a statement. “The creation of new formula-based metrics is a simple catalog exercise with no need for programming. This brings the highest level of agility and flexibility to managing and administering metrics. The key is to offer a metrics management product that is easily configurable and can keep pace with the rapid pace of business-driven change.”