Promero Teams Up with CallMiner for Speech Analytics on Demand Program

Promero, a reseller and hosting provider of call center software, has released a new speech analytics on demand program that enables contact centers to maximize call center agent performance and improve.

In the past, speech analytics has been too expensive and resource intensive, the companies said, with costs typically exceeding $80,000 per year. Promeros Speech Analytics on Demand, which uses CallMiner’s Eureka platform, provides low cost of entry allowing companies the ability to prove their business case without making a significant capital investment. Startup costs are very affordable with the ongoing annualized costs beginning at $20,000.

Promeros Speech Analytic on Demand solution improves contact center and enterprise performance by automatically scoring 100 percent of agent interactions and uses conversational analytics (text and speech analytics) to immediately reveal insights from customer conversations. Organizations using speech analytics can instantly access and review data from millions of customer engagements, identify cost reduction and optimization opportunities, monitor compliance, and uncover the root cause of issues.

The On Demand solution highlights pre-configured solutions for scoring customer service, sales performance and outbound collections including configurations that evaluate every call for mini Miranda language, Right Party Contact Language, non-compliance with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Fair Debt Collations Practices Act, and abusive language from either party. Redacting service (the removal of confidential information) is also available for customers with PCI compliant sensitive recordings that are required to remove any confidential consumer information and meet compliance standards.