Prolifiq Provides Actionable Information to Customer Reps

Prolifiq Software has released ENGAGE, an application added to its mobile engagement platform Life Sciences companies use to bring their data to life with dynamic data recommendations.

ENGAGE harnesses customer data to provide actionable next steps and real-time methods for field force and customer interaction. Humanizing big data, making it mobile and accessible allows field reps to have timelier, smarter and more relevant customer conversations.

Putting the customer at the center, reps receive customer activity alerts and suggestions of the best, next action to take with their customer. Equipped with this knowledge, the guesswork is taken out of customer follow up. ENGAGE seamlessly launches Prolifiq apps from recommended actions, making it faster and easier to show and share content, invite customers to an event, send emails and connect with experts to answer customer questions.

"Life Science companies struggle with how to use their data in a timely manner in a customer-centric model," said Hemingway Huynh, CTO of Prolifiq, in a statement. "Traditional, semi-annual POAs (plan of actions) can now be modified and executed in real time.  ENGAGE allows for dynamic planning that builds intelligently on disparate data sets, while providing reps the narrative of the data. With fewer reps in the field, making them smarter and more nimble creates more value and more top-line revenue."