Preferred Collection and Management Services Partners with TCN and REPAY

Preferred Collection and Management Services (Preferred CMS) has partnered with REPAY Realtime Electronic Payments and contact center technology provider TCN to help customers with the debt repayment process.

TCN's multichannel communications platform offers features such as predictive dialing, interactive voice messaging (IVM), short message service (SMS), voicemail drop, interactive voice response (IVR) and email. REPAY offers integrated payment technology solutions that enable businesses to accept real-time payments.

"Most people want to pay their bills at a time and in a manner convenient to them without having to speak with a representative. Preferred CMS's partners, TCN and REPAY, are cutting-edge solutions who worked together at our request to make this happen," said Matt Kiefer, Preferred CMS's chief officer of information, compliance, and development, in a statement.

"We're honored to partner with TCN and Preferred CMS to deliver this custom solution. We've combined REPAY's secure payment technology with TCN's IVR technology to deliver enhanced value to consumers," said Susan Perlmutter, chief revenue officer at REPAY, in a statement.

"We are proud to partner with Preferred Collection and Management Services, Inc. to equip collections agencies with the most advanced contact center tools they need to stay competitive in today's market," said Terrel Bird, CEO and co-founder of TCN, in a statement.