Preact, Marketo Team Up to Offer Customer Behavior Prediction Software Solution

Preact, a customer success service has joined Marketo LaunchPoint, a marketing provider, to offer Preact Integration for Marketo, a solution that allows marketers to target customers based on their likelihood of upgrading, renewing or canceling services.

Preact uses behavioral science, machine learning and big-data analytics to predict which customers are prime for upselling, conversion or churn. The solution tracks usage of Web-based and mobile products to detect patterns. By presenting both quantitative data science and qualitative risk factors, Preact provides a complete picture of each account. In addition, Preact can help companies improve product quality and customer support by revealing which features are 'sticky' and which ones cause problems.

In Marketo, the Preact integration will allow marketers to target customers based on their Health Score, Activity Score, Priority Score, and other metrics that reflect user behavior patterns. Marketers can also automate communications that are triggered by specific actions such as using a dashboard for the first time or viewing the upgrade page.

By communicating with customers based on their usage patterns, marketers gain unprecedented opportunities to prevent cancellations, increase upsell and provide outstanding service. Overall, the integration makes it easy to analyze customer behavior, make decisions and take action within Marketo. 

"Preact is for SaaS businesses that are eager to retain their customers and evolve their products to provide the best experiences possible," said Mike Saldi, CCO, Preact, in a statement. "By integrating with Marketo, we make it easy for marketers to easily bring the power of customer analytics to everyday communications. It's a whole new way to build longer lasting relationships."

"Marketo is committed to an open platform so that companies have the maximum flexibility to choose the best marketing technology solutions for their business," said Lou Pelosi, senior director, LaunchPointa at Marketo, in a statement. "We're excited to have Preact join LaunchPoint so our customers can choose this innovative solution to work alongside Marketo's engagement marketing platform and help them build long-term relationships with their customers."