PolyAI Launches in AWS Marketplace

PolyAI, a provider of customer voice assistants, has made its products available on AWS Marketplace, Amazon's digital catalogue of third-party software, data, and services that run on Amazon Web Services.

PolyAI's customer-led voice assistants are designed to help companies accelerate digital transformation for customer self-service. They can be used to automate a wide range of customer interactions, such as answering FAQs, resolving logistical issues, and scheduling appointments. PolyAI's assistants are powered by proprietary conversational artificial intelligence technology designed to understand all voices in any language, regardless of accents, dialects, or background noise.

PolyAI is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate and Amazon Connect integration partner.

"Making PolyAI's unique delivery model for voice assistants available via AWS Marketplace means simplified procurement and easier implementation for AWS and Amazon Connect customers. They can now scale their contact center operations faster and more efficiently than ever with AWS," said Michael Chen, head of partnerships at PolyAI, in a statement "We're passionate about making our technology easily available. Our expertise in speech recognition, conversational design, machine learning and dialogue design allows enterprise companies to deploy solutions that elevate the typical call center workflow into a branded conversational experience in just six to eight weeks."