Plum Voice Expands Its VoiceTrends Analytics Tool

Plum Voice, a provider of cloud-based business communications, has upgraded its VoiceTrends analytics tool kit, which is tailored specifically for voice applications.

"We've completely re-drawn the voice analytics map with this VoiceTrends release," said Matt Jones, chief technology officer at Plum Voice, in a statement. "Data that used to be buried in the platform and difficult to access is now available at the click of a button. Having new and multiple ways to access call data is critical because many applications built on Plum's platforms are built by our customers who need data to make improvements to the user experience. We've added better event tracking plus completely new performance and caller profile metrics. The intuitive user interface will make it easier for users to make correlations between their data and their voice applications and to draw better conclusions as a result."

VoiceTrends allows businesses to monitor a wide range of data from their voice applications, including call volume and performance, to identify frequent points of failure, and track user inputs. VoiceTrends also enables companies to A/B test scripts.

The new VoiceTrends interface allows users to access application analytics within each separate programming environment (DEV, Fuse, or Insight). Plum also provides a unique VoiceTrends Web interface that allows non-developers to access call data. In this way, VoiceTrends extends roles-based management benefits to all Plum products by increasing accessibility to actionable data.

Previously only available with the Plum DEV platform, the re-designed VoiceTrends is now available with the Plum Fuse rapid application development and the Plum Insight survey products.