Platform28 Launches TCPA-Compliant Solution for Outbound Customer Contact Centers

Platform28, a provider of secure and compliant hosted contact center solutions, has unveiled a TCPA-Compliant Manual Calling Solution, a new outbound calling feature that helps companies maintain compliance with new TCPA regulations.

New rules that went into effect on October 16, 2013 significantly changed how companies make outbound calls to consumers, challenging organizations to handle outbound efficiently while staying compliant with changing rules. The Platform28 TCPA-compliant outbound solution maintains complete separation between the automated dialer and the manual calling solution, allowing customers to ensure compliance, according to the company.

Understanding that the new TCPA rules have also made it more challenging for companies to operate effective outbound marketing campaigns, Platform28 has developed a manual dialing solution that optimizes contact center agent efficiency when making outbound dials, the company said.

“Once a number is presented to an agent for manual calling, the agent has several options available to them to ensure records are previewed and numbers are correctly entered by validating the number before calling a consumer”, said Renny Koshy, Platform28’s CTO. “Our solution is a huge step forward in the market because it helps keep companies be compliant and maximizes agent efficiency during the manual dialing, as required by the new TCPA rules.”

“Rather than being faced with the prospect of rip and replace in order to ensure compliance, companies can maintain their systems exactly as they are today, but they can plug into Platform28’s TCPA-compliant solution for manual dialing,” said Sasha Gorman, EVP of Sales at Platform28, in a statement. “We allow our customers to find the optimum balance between agent efficiency and rolling with a quickly changing regulatory environment.”