PinPoint Releases Spanish Speech Recognition for Contact Center Voice Transcriptions

PinPoint Research, a provider of contact center speech data collection, processing, and analytics, has partnered with Cedat85, a European contact center speech recognition and speech analytics technology provider, to release a Spanish-language version of its automated transcription solutions for contact center voice recordings.

PinPoint's newest speech-to-text platform has been developed for contact centers in North, South, and Central America serving healthcare providers, utilities, telecommunications, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, and other organizations where Spanish-voice support is crucial. Primary applications include multispeaker contact center voice recordings, interactive voice response surveys, and other voice recordings.

"We believe that the Spanish-speaking contact center market has been under-supported by speech analytic solutions. Be it in Latin America or North America, the value of highly accurate capture and analysis of contact customers will drive retention and minimize churn for all industries," said Walter Good, president of PinPoint Research, in a statement. "With the addition of our new Spanish IVR platform, we now provide call centers with multicultural tools to capture customer sentiment."

PinPoint's solution also includes a certified Accuracy Audit that measures transcription accuracy and shows statistical reporting accuracy across a range of variables, such as phone type, geography, language, etc. It also can automatically monitor and redact payment and other personal information from text transcripts. The IVR platform can be integrated across omnichannel analytic and data collection systems.

"Cedat85 has more than 35 years of experience in the development of voice analytics and speech-to-text solutions. A team of researchers, linguists, and engineers work every day to improve the experiences in all areas of speech recognition and transcription. The collaboration with PinPoint's experts has enabled us to create the language model for North American Spanish, achieving high levels of accuracy that can be improved over time thanks to the machine learning techniques used by Cedat85," said Enrico Giannotti, managing director of Cedat85, in a statement.