Pegasystems Adds Co-Browsing, Social Engagement to Customer Service App

Pegasystems has upgraded it multichannel customer service application, Pega Customer Service,  Unifying social media, mobile apps, live chat, co-browsing, phone calls, and in-person service, the application increases employee productivity by providing customer service representatives with information from all channels in a unified desktop.

The solution’s embedded case management connects the people and systems to resolve each customer inquiry by tracking relevant information, automating and assigning tasks, and connecting front- and back-office activity. Intelligent guidance helps employees anticipate customer needs based on the situation. Pega Customer Service makes it faster and easier to translate changing business requirements, such as new products, channels, devices, policies, and procedures, into an always up-to-date customer service application.

The Pega Customer Service application is built on the Pega 7 Platform. Pega's latest visual tools enable businesses to easily extend and change the application to meet their strategic business needs without code, delivering up to 6.4-times faster than traditional Java. 

Pega Customer Service introduces new features and unifies technologies from Pega's recent acquisitions of Mesh Labs and Firefly, including:

  • Intuitive Interface: The new interface is beautiful to work with, yet powerful enough to support the customer service complexities of large organizations. Its’ intelligent guidance takes CSRs step-by-step through recommendations to deliver a personalized service experience for each customer. 
  • Co-Browsing: Customer service representatives can share their web or mobile screens with customers in real time to jointly view websites, fill in forms, or share other browser-based content instantly without any software downloads. Representatives can more easily guide customers through complex interactions and transactions. Pega Customer Service seamlessly unifies Firefly's co-browsing technology within the Pega 7 application. 
  • Social Engagement: Using advanced natural language and text analytics capabilities from Mesh Labs technology, CSRs can listen to customer conversations on social networks and identify and respond to critical issues. These conversations can then be routed to the appropriate teams to respond and manage social interactions. 
  • Mobile: The application is optimized to provide rich user experiences on mobile devices including mobile chat, mobile self-service apps, mash-ups into existing mobile apps and role-based views of the application.
  • Knowledge Management: The application recommends relevant, timely information based on customer interactions and manages the complete lifecycle of that content, from creation to publication to archiving.

"Customers demand a satisfying, efficient and accurate service experience through all channels, but large organizations are challenged to evolve their systems and train their service representatives fast enough to deliver this experience in the face of rapid change," said Steve Kraus, Senior Director of Product Marketing for CRM Solutions at Pegasystems. "Pega Customer Service addresses these challenges by anticipating customer needs, intelligently guiding customers and employees, and automating processes to deliver the experience that today's connected customers require."

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Posted February 12, 2016