PagerDuty Launches Solutions That Unify Customer Service, Engineering, and IT Teams

PagerDuty, a provider of digital operations management solutions, today launched three products designed specifically to optimize response time for customer service teams, improve team performance, and cut costs.

The new products are the following:

  • PagerDuty for Customer Service: By partnering with Zendesk and, PagerDuty will let customer service and IT teams share information from customer tickets and get immediate updates on progress towards fixing issues such as failed shopping carts or cable service outages.
  • Intelligent Dashboards: Using machine learning, PagerDuty will provide recommendations through PagerDuty Spotlight for how to improve issue resolution and benchmarks against others in the organization or industry. The dashboards also give context for improvements; include interactive charts and graphs that let users drill into details by team to show incident volume, response effort, interruption volume, and more; and translate the impact of issues into business outcomes.
  • Intelligent Triage: A new feature of PagerDuty's Event Intelligence, this gives responders context on current events, combined with intelligence from past issues, so they can bring the right people together in real time and solve problems. Machine learning groups alerts together so teams don't receive multiple alerts coming from related issues. Triage also provides context into the issue, such as whether it has happened before, how it was resolved, how widespread it is, which teams and services are affected, who is working on it, and how they can be reached. It also gives adjacent teams visibility so they don't duplicate efforts or interfere with each other.

"A large retailer can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars a minute if its website fails in a busy shopping period, so every second counts when resolving issues and communicating with customers," said PagerDuty's senior vice president of business development and corporate strategy, Jukka Alanen, in a statement. "PagerDuty acts as the central nervous system for a company's digital operations, giving teams a single view into how their infrastructure and applications are running. Modern customer service teams play a key role in the customer experience and to improve how they communicate with customers, can now receive real-time updates from technical teams."

PagerDuty also launched an integration with Slack so that teams can use the functionality of PagerDuty without having to leave the Slack user interface.