OpenSpan Launches Intelligence Solution for the Contact Center and Front and Back Offices

OpenSpan, a worker optimization provider, has released OpenSpan Activity Intelligence, a SaaS-based solution designed to provide actionable insight into interaction business intelligence, worker activity, process flows, and technology diagnostics.

This activity intelligence can be queried based on enterprise-defined metrics to extract relevant information to be used to drive performance associated with key performance indicators (KPIs) in customer-facing business units including revenue generation, operational efficiency, risk and compliance management and customer experience.

The solution can capture any activity within any application and expose this data in an array of formats for reporting replacing or enhancing many existing exercises such as call dispositions, notes or tally sheets; performance observations or time and motion studies; and, data extrapolations including performance metrics like average handle time, quality monitoring and evaluation scores or workforce management data. This data can be aggregated and presented in report formats that are highly flexible and tailored to the needs of the enterprise from the corner office to the agent desktop.

“The contact center and front and back offices are three of the most instrumented business units of the enterprise when it comes to capturing and analyzing metrics,” said Damon Lockwood, CTO, OpenSpan, in a statement. “There are infinite data points within these environments that could be tracked, but most do not provide a true reflection of what is happening with customer interactions and transactions. OpenSpan Activity Intelligence addresses this deficiency with near real-time analytics from worker transactions and interactions down to the level of the click stream activity, additionally we can easily correlate metrics from other sources such as speech analytics, cross channel analytics and deliver more intelligent views into the customer service.”