Observe.AI Launches Intelligent Workforce Platform

Observe.AI today introduced its Intelligent Workforce Platform, which can embed artificial intelligence into 100 percent of customer conversations to optimize agent performance and automate repeatable workflows.

"The contact center is at the core of the customer experience today. Yet, organizations have continued to invest and pour resources into just about every other function, leaving contact centers to operate as they have for decades: inconsistently, reactively, and in a black box," said Swapnil Jain, co-founder and CEO of Observe.AI, in a statement. "Observe.AI is ushering in a new AI-enabled era for contact centers, one where customer needs are understood, agent experience is prioritized, and business results are exceeded."

Observe.AI's Intelligent Workforce Platform includes conversation intelligence, quality assurance, agent performance and coaching, and reporting. Each of these product workflows are powered by Observe.AI's AI Engine, which combines sentiment and intent analysis, redaction, silence detection, entity detection, and audio transcription to surface the most relevant intelligence for contact center operators./p>