OAISYS Releases Talkument and Tracer Call 7.4

OAISYS has launched the latest version of Taulkument and Tracer Call, version 7.4,  call recording software applications which now feature enhanced integration capabilities with platforms from Avaya, Mitel, and ShoreTel, and also includes new feature functionality to support cloud services.

Engineered to support virtualized deployments and compatible with leading IP business telephone systems and SIP-based communications services, including those from Avaya, Mitel, ShoreTel and Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division, OAISYS’ Talkument and Tracer call recording solutions empower user organizations to improve customer service, mitigate risk, adhere to compliance regulations, reduce costs, increase revenue and drive overall profitability.

“The collaborative relationships we have forged with our strategic technology partners enable OAISYS to build advanced integrated voice documentation and quality monitoring applications that enhance business communications across the user organizations,” said Brian Spencer, president of OAISYS, in a statement. “The latest improvements in version 7.4 of Talkument and Tracer demonstrate tangible evidence of the value those strong partnerships provide to our mutual customers.”

Specific interoperability and performance enhancements available in version 7.4 include: 

·         Avaya IP Office:  OAISYS Talkument and Tracer 7.4 now support the capture of call data via a real-time event stream provided by the Avaya DevLink Pro programming interface in a station-side recording configuration. This integration delivers a full set of call information to support the starting and stopping of recording; assignment of access permissions; call search and retrieval; and triggering of workflow actions such as live call monitoring. 

·         Mitel Secure Recording Connector (SRC): The Mitel SRC facilitates the secure recording of Mitel encrypted voice streams by third-party call recording equipment.  OAISYS Talkument and Tracer 7.4 solutions now support both available configuration options for integrating with the Mitel SRC, Direct Call Recording and Indirect Call Recording.  Indirect Call Recording, new in version 7.4, utilizes a single, centralized SRC, which can enable reduced bandwidth utilization, enhanced network flexibility and more cost-efficient resiliency of recorded devices.

·         ShoreTel Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI):  ShoreTel TAPI technology enables integration of OAISYS recording solutions with the ShoreTel business phone system to support sophisticated call and communications platform control functionality. OAISYS Talkument and Tracer 7.4 can now leverage the ShoreTel TAPI application to obtain call audio streams directly from SIP trunks, allowing customers to gain cost savings associated with SIP paired with reliable and feature-rich call recording performance.      

A key feature delivered in the 7.4 service provider edition is OAISYS Multi-Instance support, which enables accelerated, cost-effective deployment of OAISYS call recording solutions to multiple customers via a shared infrastructure, including computing and storage resources.  Also included in the 7.4 service provider edition is the capability for users to customize branding of the OAISYS user interface, allowing a provider’s services to be uniquely presented as an all-in-one solution within a single brand.

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Posted March 07, 2014