Nuance Launches Security Suite

Nuance Communications has released Security Suite, a set of biometric security solutions driven by the latest in artificial intelligence (AI), voice biometrics, and facial and behavioral biometrics to provide advanced protection against fraud across customer service channels.

The Nuance Security Suite applies deep neural networks (DNN) and advanced algorithms to detect synthetic speech attacks. This latest release includes a 45 percent to 55 percent improvement in synthetic speech detection.

With its latest Security Suite, Nuance can equip an organization with one or more of the following options to fight fraud:

  • Voice biometrics, which authenticates customers when they say predetermined phrases like "My voice is my password," or during the course of normal conversations with agents.
  • Facial biometrics, using smartphones' cameras to verify people in real time.
  • Behavioral biometrics, tracking how users interact with web and mobile applications, (e.g. scrolling, mousing, or tapping), creating a pattern against which to compare.
  • Additional biometric modalities: In addition to offering support for voice, facial, and behavioral biometrics, the Nuance Security Suite can also accept plug-ins for other emerging authentication technologies, such as retinal scans.

"Already this year, around the world, some 150 million people have made more than 1billion successful voice authentications using Nuance biometrics technology, with not one reported act of fraud," said Brett Beranek, director of product strategy for biometric security at Nuance, in a statement. "We have been leading this market for many years and across many industries. By adding facial and behavioral biometrics to our portfolio, we are delivering more options for our enterprise customers, more convenience for their customers, and more protection for everyone."

"Fraud continues to be a serious global problem, and it is having a major impact on consumers," added Robert Weideman, senior vice president and general manager of the Enterprise Division at Nuance, in a statement. "Enterprises have a real opportunity, today more than ever, to take a more aggressive stance when it comes to fighting fraud. They must do this not only to drive down the exorbitant costs related to fraud, but also to rebuild consumer trust. The damage caused by fraud is not just restricted to the financial cost, the reputational damage can last far longer."

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